About Paw Partners


I established Paw Partners at the end of 2013 and for me it is like all my dreams have come true.

Since I was a young child I have wanted to work with animals but until establishing Paw Partners, this hasn't been possible.   I am, to put it mildly an animal nut.   I am always the one who talks to dog or puppies in the street, or pats every cat, goes into every stable to pat the horses and spends hours researching mini goats or teacup pigs on the internet just in case I can persuade my family that we could add one to our menagerie. Animals have always been part of my life.   I got my first dog when I was two and dragged home every stray dog and cat in the neighbourhood.    I started training and showing dogs when I was 10 and currently have 4 dogs.  Leonard, is the Paw Partners 2IC.

Leonard - demo dog - Dog Training

Leonard - demo dog - Dog Training

My newest dog Molly is a rescue.


She is about 2 years old and despite fabulous work by her foster family is still very anxious and I am still giving her time to get used to our household and develop her confidence.

I have worked in many different roles during my career - as a teacher, a community worker, a public servant and a research manager but now I get to spend my days walking and training dogs, out of an office and in the fresh air. Really a dream come true.

But how can my dream help you and your dogs? It can because my aim is to give your dogs the highest possible standard of care and attention, to treat them as if they were my own, to train them with kindness and look after them with love.  I am a qualified trainer and use positive, rewards based training methods which involve no pain or coercion for your dog.  The aim of my training is to improve the relationship between you and your dog by helping you improve your dog's manners and behaviour issues.  This mean you will get all the pleasure of owning a dog and avoid the irritation and frustration of having a bad mannered dog.

I consider it really important that I keep refreshing and adding to my skill set. I regularly attend conferences and workshops where world class trainers share their knowledge. I also read vast amounts of online material where particular types of challenging behaviours are discussed and participants share their successes or difficulties addressing various behaviours. There is always something useful to be learnt as all dogs are different anda variety of different strategies could be used to address your dog's behaviour.

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For your added security, Paw Partners is fully insured and I have a police record check to put your mind at rest.

If this kind of care, security and professionalism is what you want for you and your pets, then I would love you to join the Paw Partner’s family!

I look forward to meeting you and your dogs.